Banner District

The banner district along Mira Mesa Blvd is managed by the Mira Mesa Town Council. The first banners were installed in 2008 and they were replaced by new banners several times since then. In addition to being decorative, the banners are used to publicize local events such as the Fourth of July celebration and the Mira Mesa Street Fair, and to promote local business.

Mira Mesa Banner SPONSORSHIPS: Download the Banner Sponsorship form

$100 / Banner Did you know that over 81,000 people travel on Mira Mesa Blvd every day? An additional 10,000 people will be added due to new housing and business developments that have already begun! Banner sponsorships are a a creative marketing tool that will allow you to advertise to all of Mira Mesa. Banners along Mira Mesa Blvd are available for you to advertise.

Benefits of Banner Sponsorships:
• It’s affordable!!!
• Major exposure in the community on one of the most highly traveled main streets in San Diego – you’ll reach more than 81,000 people!
• Increase your clientele!
• Get people to talk about your business!
• Perfect for the holidays!

Banner Sponsorships Include:
• Placards attached to the bottom of the banners with your requested text
• All placards have a white background
• Text can be up to 2 rows of 15 letters (including spaces) for a total of 30
• All designs will need to be approved before printing
• Letters/spaces/numbers
• $100 x 1 Banner (1 month)
• Banners go up and come down on the 1st of every month

NEW SPECIAL: For all first time purchases enjoy 2 months for the same price as 1 month!!

For more information on the banner district, contact