The City is proposing changes to the Mira Mesa Community Plan that could add between 12,000 and 23,000 housing units to the Mira Mesa Community, in existing shopping centers and in Sorrento Mesa. The full presentation can be found at this link. On March 18 , 2021 the City of San Diego Planning Commission indicated that they preferred scenario 3, the highest density option presented, illustrated below. A recording of that meeting can be found at this link.

The Planning Department has set up a website for the Community Plan Update. All presentations made at subcommittee meetings can be found under this link. The Community Discussion Draft of the proposed update to the Mira Mesa Community Plan is now available:

  • Community Discussion Draft is a preliminary draft of the Mira Mesa Community Plan and contains the community vision, goals, and policies.
  • Draft Plan Figures contain maps, tables, and diagrams related to planned land use, zoning, mobility, public facilities, parks, and community plan implementation overlay zone (CPIOZ) supplemental development regulations.