Brush Management along Canyon Perimeters in Mira Mesa – Lessons from 2018, 2007 and 2003.

The Paradise and Camp wildfires remain as vivid memories for many of us and are still frequently covered in the news related to the slow pace of clean-up and restoration that still haunts the survivors of these catastrophes. Some of us probably remember vividly the fires of 2003 and 2007 in San Diego County that destroyed homes of friends and acquaintances. We have time NOW to prevent or at least minimize the risk for such devastation in Mira Mesa if we prepare now for creating defensible zones along the many beautiful canyons that surround most of our community.

Preparation for clearing as described in the City of San Diego brush management documents needs to begin now; actual work cannot start until August 16. Why prepare now? Competition for workers who can cut, thin and remove the by then dry tinder can be expected to be strong. Yes, the able bodied of us may do the work ourselves, but others cannot and will require paid labor to do the job. Moreover, because there are specifications regarding the appropriate extend of cutting, some knowledge is necessary. The relevant guidance from the City of San Diego can be found at: and

Even if we don’t live on a canyon, should fire break out we are all vulnerable to ignited branches, palm fronds and embers that are carried by the winds created by the fires or otherwise present.  An informative video from the City Fire and Rescue Department is Additional information is on the Fire and Rescue Department webpage: Another video link is found on this webpage.

What can we individual and/or collectively do?  1) Inform your neighbors of the need to prepare. 2) Offer to aid them if help is needed because they are unable to do the work themselves. 3) Form a group of interested neighbors to work together in your areas, pooling manpower (and woman power, perhaps to truly effectively “encourage” manpower) to clear or contribute to the cost of paid labor to do the necessary work.

What if I’m a renter and if houses or condos are adjacent to a canyon?  Contact the management and share with them the information given here.

What if I live where an HOA governs what is done?  Call your property manager to determine what the HOA will be doing and if nothing, demand that they do the required brush management.

This information is provided by the Calle Cristobal Maintenance Assessment District.

Brush Management along Canyon Perimeters in Mira Mesa – List of Possible Contractors

Please feel free to add other suggestions to this list. The goal is simply to facilitate Mira Mesa residents finding someone to do the brush management that the City requires and that is most important for the protection of all of us who live here.

It is possible that the contact information, i.e. personnel named, and phone numbers may be out of date. The companies are all in business.

Holmes Landscape Company  – Lee Frank (, (760) 732-3379

Steven Smith Landscaping – Michael Fontana (, 619-756-2132

TrueGreen Landscape – John La Botz (, 858-453-1755