Co-Design a permanent amphitheater-like sculpture in Mira Mesa Community Park and receive a $500 fellowship stipend.

Help create a permanent landmark in Mira Mesa Community Park!

A new amphitheater-like sculpture is planned for Mira Mesa Community Park!

The steel sculpture will serve as a shaded festival stage, a picnic area, a location for events and classes, and a beautiful space for all to enjoy.

A mural representing Mira Mesa’s cultural diversity, wildlife, history, and community will be cut out of the steel structure. With the sun and moon shining through its cutout silhouettes, the amphitheater-like sculpture will illuminate Mira Mesa’s past, present, and future.

Local artists are seeking Mira Mesa students for a paid fellowship to co-design the sculptural mural! Working with the artists, students will research Mira Mesa’s natural and cultural landscape through lectures, photography, and collaboration.

Students will then participate in creative workshops to co-design the sculptural mural. Students interested in wildlife, environmental studies, history, art, architecture, urban planning, and journalism are encouraged to apply.

Details are here.