By now, most Mira Mesa residents are familiar with the changes to the Mira Mesa Community Plan that allow up to 24,000 units to be built in commercial and industrial areas. The Community Plan made few changes to residential areas, however new State and City laws could bring big changes to these areas as well. These are potentially more problematic that the Community Plan changes because although the Community Plan is deficient in providing new parks, schools and other public facilities needed to support the new population, it does at least acknowledge the need for them. The State laws do not – they are strictly focused on adding more housing. The picture above shows “Transit Priority Areas” outlined with orange lines and the newly defined “Sustainable Development Areas” shown in pink where they extend outside the TPA boundaries (map is from this link). The TPA is defined as within 1/2 mile of a major transit stop. The SDA’s are defined as within a one mile walk of a major transit stop. Higher density housing overriding previous zoning is allowed or required in both areas. Mira Mesa Community Planning Group chair Jeff Stevens will update MMTC on these laws and their implications.

This meeting will be in person at the Mira Mesa Library at 7 PM.