Membership in the Mira Mesa Town Council is open to all Mira Mesa residents of age 16 or over and representatives of businesses and non-profit organizations operating in Mira Mesa. Residents and businesses with addresses outside Mira Mesa may also join as nonvoting Associate members. MMTC membership costs $20 for residents, $10 for additional residents living in the same household, $10 for seniors (age 60+) and $50 for business members. Members with addresses outside the Mira Mesa community will be non-voting Associate Members. Business members now also have the opportunity to join both the Mira Mesa Town Council and the Mira Mesa Chamber of Commerce at a reduced rate. Business members may have a business address and link to a commercial Web site posted on this Web page.

To join or renew membership in the Mira Mesa Town Council, download the membership application, fill it out and send it with payment to the Town Council post office box, or bring it to the next general meeting. You can also join or renew online, and update your membership information online. Note that MMTC now has an annual July 1 to June 30 membership, so if you join or renew your membership will go through the next June 30. New members joining in the fourth quarter will have membership extended through the next membership year.

MMTC Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

The Mira Mesa Town Council is a 501c(4) non-profit corporation, Federal Tax ID 95-3347069. California corporation number 0665514. State charity number CT0260687.

The Mira Mesa Community Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation, Federal Tax ID 27-3224599. California corporation number C3344845.

Address for Sending Membership Dues:

Mira Mesa Town Council
PMB 230
10606-8 Camino Ruiz
SD CA 92126