Note: This post is from May 2022. For current information, see Fourth of July – Mira Mesa Town Council

We have had to make the difficult decision to once again postpone the 4th of July Parade and Fun Day until 2023. With the movement of the Scripps Mesa Fireworks Show to Wangenheim, we were attempting to move the rest of the event to Hourglass Park. Uncertainty about how some parts of the event could be carried out, along with the lack of confirmed funding, has brought us to this point. In past, the parade and fun day cost nearly $30,000 to produce. Quotes for 2022 brough the projected cost closer to $40,000. Grant funding that used to be available as of July 1 to reimburse some of the costs now have a wait time of nearly 9 months AFTER the event before we could be reimbursed.

We will be reaching out to the community shortly to form a new 4th of July Committee, to address the various possibilities for parade and fun day locations and the issues that have materialized since COVID with funding availability. To reduce costs, we will need the assistance of numerous volunteers to take over tasks usually handled by paid staff.

We can and will bring back a family-friendly 4th of July event to Mira Mesa. Look for an invitation shortly to attend the kick-off meeting for 2023.