Mira Mesa Community Planning Group

Meetings: The Mira Mesa Community Planning Group meets the third Monday of each month, except in January and February. Since those two Mondays are holidays, meetings are instead held the Thursday following the third Monday. For information about upcoming meetings and general information about the Planning Group, contact Planning Group Chair Jeff Stevens at mmcpg.chair@gmail.com. Planning Group meetings are held at the Mira Mesa Branch Library, 8405 New Salem Street, San Diego, CA 92126. The Planning Group usually does not meet in July or December.

Next Meeting: The next MMCPG meeting will be on Monday, September 17, 2018 at 7 pm at the Mira Mesa branch library. Agenda. See also supplementary material. At 6:10 PM immediately prior to the meeting, we will have a Mira Mesa Community Plan Update subcommittee meeting. Agenda

Draft Minutes: Draft Minutes of the August 2018 meeting.

Annual Report: April 2017 – March 2018 Annual Report.

Agendas: The agenda is published at least 72 hours before each meeting.  The publishing of the agenda is by email addressed to the City.  The City then forwards it to all emails on a list it maintains.  You can find information on getting onto that list here: https://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/profiles/miramesa/agendas

COW: Planning Group Members are required to attend a Community Orientation Workshop (COW). An electronic version of the COW is now available. Planning Group members can access the E-COW through the following link: https://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/resources/cow/ecow.

Planning Group Executive Committee Membership and Responsibilities: The Mira Mesa Community Planning Group has the responsibility to write (with the aid of the City) community plans, recommend changes to community plans, and evaluate projects as they are proposed for consistency with the Mira Mesa Community Plan. The Planning Group has 11 residential, 5 business and 3 property owner members. Planning Group members are elected to four year terms, with half elected every two years. Two of the property owner members are appointed by the Planning Group. Elections are held in March of odd-numbered years. If you would like to participate in the Planning Group or vote for or run for the Planning Group, come to a meeting and sign up as an “eligible member of the community”. To do this, just give your name, address, telephone number and email address to the Planning Group secretary. List of current Planning Group Executive Committee Members.

Mira Mesa Community Plan: The Mira Mesa Community Plan and the Mira Mesa Facilities Benefit Assessment (FBA) are online at the City of San Diego web site. Public Facilities in Mira Mesa are paid for through the FBA. FBA fees are paid by developers at the time building permits are pulled. Fees vary depending on the type of development. The San Diego City General Plan adopted by the City Council on March 10, 2008 is also online. This is a very important document as it guides all future development in the City and require updates to all community plans.

Mira Mesa Community Plan

Regulations: All Planning Groups must comply with City Council Policy 600-24, and a set of community specific bylaws which comply with this policy. The Planning Department in collaboration with a CPC subcommittee, developed a set of administrative guidelines which are intended to clarify the council policy. The bylaws and administrative guidelines were both recently revised to bring them into compliance with the updated 600-24.

Current Projects (large projects have their own pages):

Mira Mesa Community Plan Update: The Mira Mesa Community Plan was last updated in 1992. An update to the Community Plan is started in June 2018 and is expected to take 3 years to complete. See details here.

Carroll Canyon Master Plan: Hanson Aggregates is proposing a revision to their master plan for redevelopment of their gravel mining operation. See details here.

Pure Water Program: The City’s Pure Water program will be installing a pipeline along Miramar Road to take treated was from the purification plant near I-805 to Miramar Reservoir. Presentations and related documents can be found here.

Stone Creek: Stone Creek is a large residential project proposed to have 4445 multifamily residential units, as well as industrial and commercial elements. It is the future redevelopment of Vulcan’s gravel mining operation in Carroll Canyon.  See details here.

Casa Mira View: Casa Mira View is a large residential project of approximately 2000 multi-family units currently under construction in the area north of Mira Mesa Blvd (north of Best Buy and the park and ride) between Westview Parkway and I-15. See details here.

Sycamore Penasquitos Transmission Line: SDG&E is proposing to build a 230 Kilovolt transmission line from Sycamore Canyon to Penasquitos. Details are here.  The original proposal was to build the line north of Mira Mesa through Rancho Penasquitos and Del Mar Mesa. SDG&E held a number of public hearings along that route and received objections to it. The “environmentally preferred route” now runs through Mira Mesa along Miramar Road and through the Miramar business area. However, they have held no hearings in this area and the businesses on Miramar Road are concerned about the impact the construction may have on them.

Minutes of past MMCPG meetings, starting January 2008.


Current Projects

Background Material for the September 17, 2018 MMCPG Meeting

Mira Mesa Community Plan Update: See this post. Two Marijuana Processing Facilities are on the agenda. The following list identifies them and links to the most recent cycle issues report. MPF 585902 – 7720 Kenamar Court. Questionnaire Response MPF 585378 - 9220 Mira...

Mira Mesa Community Plan Update

Mira Mesa Community Plan Update

The Planning Department is hosting a Community Plan Update Open-House / Kick-Off event on Thursday, October 11th between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Mira Mesa Recreation Center. The City Planning Department has set up a website for the community plan update. The Mira...

Marijuana Production Facilities Proposed

Marijuana Production Facilities Proposed

At the January 2018 meeting of the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group, there were presentations by 15 Marijuana Production Facilities (MPFs) that are proposed within the industrial elements of the Mira Mesa Community. This is just the first batch. More are proposed...

North City Pure Water Project

North City Pure Water Project

The North City Pure Water Project was reviewed by the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group on October 16, 2017. The Site Development Permit was approved unanimously, and there was an informational update on the Pump Station and Pipeline Project. The following...

Carroll Canyon Master Plan

Carroll Canyon Master Plan

Hanson Aggregates is proposing a revision to their master plan for redevelopment of their gravel mining operation. The previous plan approved in 1994 can be found here. The new proposed master plan (March 26, 2018 draft) can be found here. A description of the new...

Stone Creek

Stone Creek

Stone Creek: A Planning Group subcommittee is reviewing a proposed new project named "Stone Creek," which is a future redevelopment plan for the 300 acre section of Carroll Canyon owned by Vulcan Materials Company. The site runs from about 1/2 mile west of Camino Ruiz...

Casa Mira View

Casa Mira View

Casa Mira View is a large residential project of approximately 2000 multi-family units currently under construction in the area north of Mira Mesa Blvd (north of Best Buy and the park and ride) between Westview Parkway and I-15. The project was approved by the Mira...