by Susan Sragovicz

Best Restaurants in Mira Mesa, Miramar & Sorrento Valley Poll 2/15 – 3/7/2020 results are in. Thanks to the 275 of you who participated. The poll was on these Facebook pages/Groups: my personal page, Mira Mesa Moms, Mira Mesa Town Council, Mira Mesa Neighbors, D6 Small Business Coffee, Mira Mesa Women’s Club, You Know You’re from Mira Mesa, Mira Mesa News, and Bibliomaniacs of Mira Mesa Book Club, plus some people shared the link and I announced it at some community group meetings.

There were 163 restaurants named, with 68 of them getting 1-2 votes each. Results were updated daily, and for the restaurants I had never heard of, I checked online to make sure they were in Mira Mesa, Miramar or Sorrento Valley. Sometimes, people used part of the restaurant’s name and that also took some checking to make sure the correct restaurant was counted. If the restaurant is closed, it was not counted, e.g. Chili’s.

Originally, I wrote that I’d post the top 20, without realizing how many ties we would have. Instead, results of voting for 95 of the restaurants are being shared. They are the top 27 restaurants ranging from 3 to 46 votes each.
If you’re wondering why there are “A”s in the count, I used “1”s until the count got to 12. When it got to 12, all of the “1”s changed into a formula. To stop that from happening, I used “A”s.

This poll was done for fun. Enjoy! How many of the restaurants have you eaten at? Just curious. Thanks again for participating. Susan Sragovicz.

Results (pdf)