2018 Mira Mesa Town Council Board of Directors

President Ted Brengel President@miramesatowncouncil.org
First Vice President (program chair) Pam Stevens Programs@miramesatowncouncil.org
Second Vice President (membership) Jenn Kuyper Membership@miramesatowncouncil.org
Treasurer Bari Vaz Treasurer@miramesatowncouncil.org
Recording Secretary Jeff Stevens Secretary@miramesatowncouncil.org
Newsletter Editor John Horst Newsletter@miramesatowncouncil.org
Parliamentarian Jonathan Lea Parliament@miramesatowncouncil.org
Member at Large Teri Ang MMTC1@miramesatowncouncil.org
Member at Large Charlene Ellsworth MMTC2@miramesatowncouncil.org
Member at Large Susan Sragovicz MMTC3@miramesatowncouncil.org
Member at Large Eric Kolbeck MMTC4@miramesatowncouncil.org

MMTC Board 2018

Note: email addresses listed above will be active for this Board from January 1 though December 31. Email to the entire MMTC Board may be sent to Board@miramesatowncouncil.org