2022 Mira Mesa Town Council Board of Directors


President Bari Vaz President@miramesatowncouncil.org
First Vice President (program chair) Pam Stevens Programs@miramesatowncouncil.org
Second Vice President (membership) Yvonne Negron Membership@miramesatowncouncil.org
Treasurer Jonathan Lea Treasurer@miramesatowncouncil.org
Recording Secretary Jeff Stevens Secretary@miramesatowncouncil.org
Newsletter Editor Kaanchan S Farkiya Newsletter@miramesatowncouncil.org
Parliamentarian Eric Kolbeck Parliamentarian@miramesatowncouncil.org
Director at Large 1 Lisa Balderston MMTC1@miramesatowncouncil.org
Director at Large 2 Vacant MMTC2@miramesatowncouncil.org
Director at Large 3 Danielle Austin MMTC3@miramesatowncouncil.org
Director at Large 4 Dorothy Lorentz MMTC4@miramesatowncouncil.org


Note: email addresses listed above will be active for this Board from January 1 though December 31. Email to the entire MMTC Board may be sent to Board@miramesatowncouncil.org. 

To ensure continuity, ~half of the MMTC Board is elected each year:

Group 1 Director terms expire in odd-numbered years: President, 2nd Vicepresident – Membership, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Director at Large 1, Director at Large 2.

Group 2 Director terms expire in even-numbered years: 1st Vice President – Programs, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Director at Large 3, Director at Large 4.

MMTC Board 2022

City Councilman Chris Cate swears in the 2022 Mira Mesa Town Council Board at the January 2022 MMTC Meeting.