Each year the MMTC parliamentarian, together with at least two other active MMTC members, is tasked with making a slate of recommendations to the general membership prior to the Board of Directors election in November. All current MMTC members in good standing (dues paid/renewed) are eligible to vote. Once the slate is announced, the membership may make any additional nominations “from the floor” prior to the vote.

Parliamentarian Ted Brengel, together with MMTC President Bari Vaz, first Vice President Pam Stevens, and other current 2020 MMTC Board members participated in this year’s Nominating Committee.

This year’s MMTC Board Election is the first one in which only half the Board is up for election/re-election. In 2019 a MMTC Bylaws Amendment was passed dividing the Board into two groups, who serve overlapping two-year terms of office, one whose terms expire in odd-numbered years and one whose terms expire in even-numbered years.

The positions which are up for election in November 2020 are: First Vice-president – Program Chair; Treasurer; Newsletter Editor; Director at Large #1; and Director at Large #2.

Directors whose current terms continue through 2021 are: Bari Vaz, President; Brandy Ludwick, Second Vice-President / Membership Chair; Jeff Stevens, Secretary; Ted Brengel, Parliamentarian; Richie Ludwick, Director at Large #3; and Yvonne Negron, Director at Large #4.

Director at Large Teri Ang is stepping down from the MMTC Board, although she will continue as Street Fair entertainment chair. Danielle Austin has volunteered to run for that position.

MMTC president Bari Vaz plans to send members in good standing a ballot electronically via SurveyMonkey the weekend of October 31 – November 1 to vote and return by 6pm November 2, just before the start of the November 2 MMTC meeting at 7pm via Zoom.

The recommended slate of officers is:

First Vice-President / Program Chair – Pam Stevens

Second Vice-President / Membership Chair – Brandy Ludwick

Treasurer – Jonathan Lea

Newsletter Editor – Renee Schmiedeberg

Director at Large # 1 – Kaanchan S. Farkiya

Director at Large #2 – Danielle Austin

Newly-elected members of the Board of Directors attend a crossover Board meeting in November or December, then take office at the general MMTC meeting in January.

If you’re not sure whether your MMTC membership needs to be renewed, contact MMTC Second Vice-President / Membership Chair Brandy Ludwick, membership@miramesatowncouncil.org

For any other questions, or if you’d like to nominate someone for a position on the Board of Directors, contact: Bari Vaz at president@miramesatowncouncil.org ; Pam Stevens at programs@miramesatowncouncil.org; or Ted Brengel at parliamentarian@miramesatowncouncil.org