At the November 6 Mira Mesa Town Council meeting, MMTC members voted to elect 6 of the 11 members on the MMTC Board of Directors to serve on the Board from January 2024 through December 2025. This is the fourth Board election since MMTC began the policy in 2019 of electing half of the Board each year to overlapping 2-year terms, 6 members in odd-numbered years, and the other 5 in even-numbered years.

A Nominating Committee, consisting of Parliamentarian Eric Kolbeck, chair, along with Pam Stevens and Danielle Austin, presented these recommendations to the membership for 2-year terms in 2024-2025. All nominees were elected unanimously.

President – Bari Vaz

2nd Vice President/Membership – Yvonne Negron.

Secretary – Jeff Stevens

Parliamentarian – Eric Kolbeck

Director at Large #1 – Dan Austin

Director at Large #2 – Shane O-Garro

Continuing Board members with terms of 2023 – 2024 are:

1st Vice President/Programs – Pam Stevens

Treasurer – Jonathan Lea

Newsletter Editor – Javieer Farkiya

Director at Large #3 – Kaanchan S. Farkiya

Director at Large #4 – Dorothy Lorenz

Director at Large Lisa Balderston will be stepping down from the Board at the end of this year.

The new Board officially takes office at the January 2024 meeting.