The Mira Mesa Community Planning Group (MMCPG) is one of our most important community groups, providing the opportunity for local residents and businesses to have input into the future development of our community. The MMCPG has the responsibility to write (with the aid of the City) the Mira Mesa Community Plan, recommend changes to the Community Plan, and evaluate projects as they are proposed for consistency with the Community Plan. The Planning Group has 11 residential, 5 business and 3 property owner members. We are currently performing the first major update to the Community Plan since 1992.

The MMCPG holds elections every two years, electing half the members each time for four-year terms. If you want to vote for the Planning Group members, or run for a position on the Planning Group, the first step is to come to a meeting and register as an “eligible member of the community.” To be eligible you need to be a resident, property owner or business owner (or representative) within the Mira Mesa Community. You can sign up as late as the February 21st meeting to be eligible to vote. To run for a position on the Planning Group, you also need to have attended two meetings between November 2017 and January 2019. If you are interested in being on the Planning Group, even if you are not eligible to run now, please go ahead and register. Openings occur often and are then filled by people who have registered and been attending meetings.