Mira Mesa Town Council Verne Goodwin Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements: All graduating high school seniors who are Mira Mesa residents and have enjoyed participating in community volunteering are encouraged to apply for this year’s college scholarship that MMTC awards annually based on community service. The Mira Mesa Town Council/Verne Goodwin Scholarship Fund will award three $1000 scholarships in June. There is no minimum grade point average required. Students must be residents of Mira Mesa, members of the graduating class of any Senior High School, and planning to continue their education at a 4-year college or university, 2-year community college, vocational or technical school.

2017 MMTC/Verne Goodwin Scholarship: Congratulations to the 2017 MMTC/Verne Goodwin Scholarship winners Emily Lay-Geng, Evelyn Le and Amaya Aitiana Andrade! They were selected from an outstanding group of applicants by our scholarship committee based on their volunteer experience and work. Each of the winners have worked throughout their high school years to give back to the community in many ways, while maintaining excellent grades and participating in numerous extracurricular activities.

2017 MMTC/Verne Goodwin Scholarship winners Vivian Hoang, Celeste Esparza and Roselynn Conrady receiving their awards at the June 2017 MMTC meeting.

Past MMTC/Verne Goodwin Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2017: Emily Lay-Geng, Evelyn Le and Amaya Aitiana Andrade
  • 2016: Vivian Hoang, Celeste Esparza and Roselynn Conrady
  • 2015: Emily Le, Keith Minh Huynh and Yasmine Reyes
  • 2014: Tiffany Luu, Fyezah Nazir, Spencer Shortill, Estella Hoang, Lauren Cernik-Price
  • 2013: Jennifer Luu, Kamakshi Ramanarayanan, and Zabrina Reyes
  • 2012: Marilyn Nguyen, Amanda Sani, Ashley Hight, Tiffany Porter, Jihui Jin, and Karl Carreon Yabes
  • 2011: Mindy Kim Truong, Christ-Lynn del Rosario, Linda Pham, Cherie Tran, Melisa Chavez and Yazmin Hernandez
  • 2010: Katherine Shortill, Jake Portugal, Umar Usman, Jeanie Nguyen, Jake Stearns and Lindsey Sweeney
  • 2009: Brittany Kvalvik, Nikkita King, Rochelle Labao, Brittany Outlaw, Adrian Bacong, and Charity Quijano
  • 2008: Jessica Even, Christina Harrison, Katelyn Mitchell, Alice Chung, Evaline Trevias
  • 2007: Nicholas Mantione, John Tat, Corbin Dean, Christy Milani, Natasha McCoy and Kathy Truong
  • 2003: Erica M. Ballard, Jennifer Lee Huynh, Dawn Kobierski, Jennifer Nowinski
  • 2002: Nicole Nelson, Sara Vincent, Nghia “Anthony” Thanh Vu, Hang “Lisa” Chau
  • 2001: Jennifer Minezaki, Sharon Stevens, Thomas J. Mantione, Paula Encarnacao
  • 1999: Brittany Dean, Chie Saito
  • 1997: Charlene Colby, Katherine Tran and Ta Uyen Lind Ngugeh
  • 1994: Jaime Arroyo and Jason Lee
  • 1993:  Kalani Napoleon, David Carleno and Mylinh Uy
  • 1991: Joseph “Joey” Lo Duca, Thi Thi Phan
  • 1985: Kelly Rudiger, Connie Viado

Note: We are trying to identify all of our scholarship recipients, but we are missing a few from the early days. If you know (or were) a scholarship recipient not on the list, please let us know.