All Mira Mesa residents and interested parties are encouraged to take the Mira Mesa Community Plan Update survey. The deadline for survey responses in September 30, 2020. In addition to providing feedback to the City, residents will benefit from seeing the proposed changes to the Mira Mesa Community Plan that are being considered by the City Planning Department. The Planning Department has set up a website for the Community Plan Update which contains additional information. All presentations made at subcommittee meetings can be found under this link. See the presentations listed below in particular for more details about the options presented in the survey. 

Some people have reported finding the survey confusing. Follow this procedure: Once you are in the survey, click on a Focus Area, then click “Start”. You will be presented with three options from which to select. Each Option has a “View Images and Data” link; that link opens a new window where you click through several slides that describe what that Option will include. After viewing each of the three options, you choose the one that you believe is best for that area. Please note that the survey only provides a brief description of each option. Details are in the presentations listed above.