Mira Mesa Town Council Volunteer of the Year

Each year since 1984 the Mira Mesa Town Council has held an annual dinner to recognize special volunteers who make this community a better place. The Volunteer of the Year need not be a Mira Mesa Town Council member, but should be someone who has made a significant contribution to Mira Mesa through volunteer work, not just during the past year but over the years s/he has been involved with the community.

Prior Mira Mesa Volunteers of the Year are:

1984    Verne Goodwin
1985    John Worthington
1986    Bruce Brown
1987    Sandra Sparks
1988    Dawn Gutierrez
1989    Orlando Vernacchia
1990    Pam Stevens
1991    Brenda Bowman
1992    Jeff Stevens and Sharon McCollum
1993    Bob O’Hara
1994    Bruce Brown
1995    John Malo
1996    Eldon Jacobs
1997    Marvin Miles
1998    Larry Brady
1999    Debbie Vincent
2000    Keith Flitner
2001    Robin Stutsman
2002    Karen Burger
2003    Tim Allen
2004    Steve Stutsman
2005    Joe Frichtel
2006    Chuck Sweet
2007    Mike Davis
2008    Ted Brengel
2009    Sandy Smith
2010    John Sunde
2011    Judy Taylor
2012    Bari Vaz
2013    Maria Pankau
2014    Julius Hitchens
2015    Jim Hearn
2016    Sabrina Bazzo
2017    Tom Derr
2018    Jeanne Christensen
2019    Jennifer Kvalvik

In February 1995 MMTC members adopted standing rules for the “Volunteer of the Year” award specifying that MMTC policy would be to have MMTC members vote on Volunteer of the Year nominees submitted by members and the public – prior to that, the MMTC Board made the selection from submitted nominations, except for 1989, when a vote of the membership was held. In addition, the rules adopted in 1995 stated that MMTC policy would be to select only one Volunteer of the Year and to not select an honoree who has previously been Volunteer of the Year.