1992 Volunteer of the Year Jeff Stevens (left) and 1990 Volunteer of the Year Pam Stevens (right) at the 2010 Mira Mesa Street Fair.

Jeff Stevens and his wife Pam joined the Mira Mesa Town Council at an “I Love Mira Mesa Day” in 1981, after moving to the community in 1980, and both have been active in the Mira Mesa Town Council and many other community groups ever since. Jeff served on the Mira Mesa Town Council Board of Directors from 1985-1989 as secretary/treasurer, vice-president and president (1988-1989), from 2001-2002 as parliamentarian, and from 2006-2017 as treasurer, president (2007-2009) and recording secretary. He has chaired the Mira Mesa Street Fair committee since 2009. He also initiated the MMTC website and has served as webmaster since its inception in 2001.

Jeff has also served on the Mira Mesa Community Planning group since 1986 (with two intermissions required by term limits), and has been chair (1993-1995, 2016-2021), vice-chair and secretary for the Planning Group. Jeff worked on the Community Plan update in the late 1980’s. Working together on a committee with Bruce Brown and with the help of Councilman Ed Struiksma, park acreage in Mira Mesa was nearly doubled. Jeff has also participated in the FBA subcommittee since it started in the early 1990’s. The FBA is the fee paid by developers that goes into community public facilities, and the FBA subcommittee reviews the plan every year to ensure that the fees go to public facilities in priority order. He also served on the Community Planners Committee, composed of representatives from Planning Groups all over the City, from 1989-1995 and again from 2006-2009 and 2016-2021, and was vice-chair of CPC from 1993-1995.

Jeff has also served on the Mira Mesa Recreation Council since 2003, after chairing a committee that resolved some difficult issues with neighbors prior to construction of Camino Ruiz park.

From 1994-1997, Jeff served as chair of the San Diego City Schools Northern Area Planning Committee, and then on the School District’s Facilities Steering Committee. The work of that committee led to an update of the school district’s long range master plan, which led to Proposition MM, and was an essential part of the work that led (much later) to construction of Jonas Salk Elementary School and many other improvements in San Diego schools. He also served on the Miramar College Citizens Advisory Committee from 2000-2005.

 Jeff Stevens and  Sharon McCollum were jointly honored as Mira Mesa Volunteers of the Year for 1992.