Volunteer of the year for 2001 Robin Stutsman (right), with volunteer of the year for 2002 Karen Burger (center), and volunteer of the year for 1999 Debbie Vincent (left).

The Volunteer of the Year for 2001 is Robin Stutsman.  Robin Stutsman served as president of the Mira Mesa Town Council in 2001, 2002 and 2004, and served on the Mira Mesa Town Council Board for several years prior to that. She chaired the Mira Mesa Stakeholders Committee. She was a member of the Miramar College Citizens Advisory Committee, the Mira Mesa High School Partnerships Council, and the Mira Mesa Community Fourth of July Committee. Robin is someone who really cares about her community and all its residents, and who willingly donates her time working on a variety of things that make Mira Mesa a better place to live, from the Teen Center to parks to “Livable Neighborhoods” to City Council redistricting!

Mira Mesa Town Council president Robin Stutsman was honored as the 2001 Mira Mesa Volunteer of the Year at the Mira Mesa Town Council Community Recognition Dinner at the MCAS Miramar Officers’ Club. Stutsman was congratulated personally by Fifth District City Councilmember Brian Maienschein and San Diego School Board Member Sue Braun, who each presented her with commendations for her community service. She also received tributes from a number of other elected officials, including a proclamation from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors that November 10, 2001 was declared as “Robin Stutsman Day” in the County of San Diego in recognition of her dedicated volunteerism. Dignitaries in attendance included Northern Division San Diego Police Captain Nancy Goodrich and Miramar College President Pat Keir.