2004 Volunteer of the Year Steve Stutsman (right) with Orlando Vernacchia (left) and Chuck Sweet (center) at the 2004 Mira Mesa Street Fair.

The Volunteer of the Year for 2004 is Steve Stutsman.

Steve Stutsman – As second vice president/membership chair, Steve Stutsman has become a familiar face greeting members and guests at monthly meetings. His friendliness, energy, and enthusiasm have increased membership this year. To make MMTC more visible at this year’s Mira Mesa Street Fair, Steve brought together Town Council, Planning Group, and Recreation Council volunteers and displays under a “big top” tent. In 2003 he served as a MMTC Board member at large. During the October 2003 firestorm, Steve was instrumental in organizing relief efforts. He was among the first on the scene when Mira Mesa High was declared an evacuation center, organized a phone tree for volunteers and items needed, and stayed as a liaison for the Council and community at large for four days to help the Red Cross. In November 2003, he presented a program for the membership with a pictorial display of the relief efforts. This was an open dialogue to educate and discuss where we succeeded as a community in a time of tragedy and where we could be more organized and prepared for any future disaster. Whatever the event, Steve’s always there in the background helping out: Street Fair (since it began in 1999); 4th of July (multitasking, drivers for dignitaries, fireworks security); Monster Manor; and many others.

Pictures from the Volunteer of the Year Dinner: