Julius Hitchens

Julius Hitchens has been involved with the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) Region 285 of Mira Mesa for over 17 years.  He has held several positions within the organization, such as Coach Administrator and Division Coordinator, and currently sits on the Board of Directors as Assistant Regional Commissioner. He has also been a referee for AYSO soccer games. Mira Mesa AYSO plays host to one of the largest soccer tournaments in the region, the Top Gun Tournament, held annually on Memorial Day weekend, where Julius can be seen as Top Gun Tournament Director and Coach. His boys (BU19) and girls (GU19) teams both medaled (second place) in this year’s Top Gun Tournament. Julius has spent the past 10 years coaching the Mira Mesa High School Boys Varsity and JV Soccer teams, and he currently coaches the Girls varsity and JV Soccer, too. Julius is also involved with the Mira Mesa High School Boys and Girls Golf teams, having coached both for eight years. Julius represents AYSO at the monthly Mira Mesa Recreation Council meetings. Julius has volunteered as a member of the Board of the Tiburon Homeowners Association in northwest Mira Mesa for the last 11 years. Julius and his family have resided in Mira Mesa for 20 years. Julius and his wife, Shelly, have a son, Court, 21, and a daughter, Mandy, 19, who are both now SDSU students.  Julius is a realtor and Shelly assists as a notary at their family business, Top Gun Realty, located at Camino Ruiz and Capricorn in Mira Mesa.

Pictures from the Volunteer of the Year Dinner held at the Country Inn and Suites Hotel on April 18, 2015

Volunteers of the Year
Julius Hitchens with 11 past volunteers of the year and Miss and Miss Teen Mira Mesa and Miss and Miss Teen Rancho Penasquitos

Soccer Ball cupcakes
Soccer ball cupcakes and MMHS assistants.

Pam Stevens with Julius and Flat Julius. Can you tell which is which?

More pictures are here.